Cecelia Surratt got her start in government on the Human Relations Commission for the City of Morganton. She served on the commission for five years of which the last two years she chaired.  Established in 1993, The Human Relations Commission serves as as an advisory board to the City Council and studies problems in the city relating to relationships among individuals and groups of all kinds, and to make recommendations to the city council and city manager for the betterment of such relationships within the community. The Commission also works to promote mutual understanding and foster equality and respect among all racial, religious, national and ethnic groups in the community and among persons of all economic and educational status, and generally throughout the entire community so as to prevent discriminatory practices in every respect. Learn more about Human Relations Commission here.

In 2018, she was appointed to the North Carolina Commission on Inclusion Committee for Governor Roy Cooper where she continues to serve. The purpose of the Commission is to advise and identify policies and measures that would promote inclusion and address discrimination, harassment, and retaliation based on prohibited grounds. The Commission's primary goal is to leverage diversity and foster inclusion to deliver the best public service.  The commission has four primary objectives:

  • Identify and share best practices.

  • Provide strategies that promote economic efficiency, accountability, attract, grow, and retain an excellent workforce.

  • Identify trends and actions that create a competitive advantage for North Carolina.

  • Raise awareness of the importance of diversity and inclusion.

Learn more about the North Carolina Commission on Inclusion here.


Additionally, she has served as a member of the State Executive Committee of North Carolina for the Democratic Party since 2015. Learn more about the North Carolina Democratic Party here.

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