North Carolina is blessed with incredible natural beauty – from the Appalachian Mountains in the west to the beautiful Atlantic coastline on the east. It’s an important driver of tourism and travel. Unfortunately, we have not done enough in recent years to protect our environment – and our people deserve better.

Specifically, we can defend our environment by:

  • Protecting Our Environment by Holding Polluters Accountable – Every North Carolinian has the right to clean water and clean air and we have a responsibility to prevent contamination of both. One of the first lessons we learn as children is to clean up after ourselves. While our goal should always be to prevent pollution before it happens, polluters should be responsible for cleaning it up when it occurs.

  • Supporting Clean Energy – Our state has been at the forefront of developing clean, renewable energy sources. We should support a clean energy future by not only supporting cleaner production but preventing inappropriately-sited fossil fuel production from going forward.

  • Preserving our Natural Beauty – Growing our economy and protecting our natural resources are not mutually exclusive. As more land is developed, we should ensure that we preserve open spaces as greenways, parks, and untouched forests that our communities can enjoy for generations to come.

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